For emergencies, please contact relevant Saudi local authorities and then inform the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

U.S. citizens can call the nearest embassy or consulate and reach a duty officer for assistance with serious emergencies outside of normal business hours.  Issues and questions with routine services will not be addressed at these numbers, but referred to the relevant embassy or consulate via email.

The Embassy and Consulates General can be reached at:

  • Riyadh: (966) (11) 835 4000
  • Jeddah: (966) (12) 220 5000
  • Dhahran: (966) (13) 330 3200

While we try to help U.S. citizens in a wide range of situations, please note that we cannot:

• Provide support for visa services into or out of Saudi Arabia. If you have overstayed a business or visit visa, you will not be allowed to board a plane and depart. You must resolve your exit visa problems with the Saudi Passport (Jawazat) office before attempting to leave the country.

• Give you legal advice, investigate a crime, or carry out searches for missing people.  However, we can refer you to services that may be helpful in these cases, such as local lawyers.

• Secure preferential treatment in a hospital or prison that is better than that afforded to other nationalities.

• Provide direct financial assistance (except in exceptional and specific circumstances, when we may be able to offer a government loan to return to the United States).

• Intervene or offer assistance in commercial transactions or disputes between private citizens or entities.