Statement from the U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia John Abizaid

“Like Americans everywhere, I was saddened by the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.  As someone who has spent most of my life defending American values, I have deep respect for the rights of those who protest peacefully and call for justice.  We champion the rule of law, human rights, and fundamental freedoms around the world because they are the high standards to which we hold ourselves.  As Secretary Pompeo noted, “when we get something wrong in the United States, when something as tragic and as awful as what happened to George Floyd takes place, the government responds.”  In the United States, when police act in a manner inconsistent with the laws they are sworn to uphold, the press covers the events and the criminal justice system investigates, brings charges, and goes to court to seek justice on behalf of the victims.

As Americans, we should always be both proud of what we’ve achieved and humble knowing we can always strive to be better.  When our country has faced significant challenges in the past, we have come together to overcome them.  I am confident that Americans from all backgrounds will unite again to resolve our differences and work together toward a brighter future for our great country.”