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Foreign Agricultural Service

The Office of Agricultural Affairs (OAA) is part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), which has 93 offices covering 171 countries

OAA promotes and facilitates exports of U.S. agricultural products to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

OAA promotes exports of U.S. agricultural products by:

  • Conducting and participating in market development activities with non-profit U.S. high value food product and commodity trade associations.
  • Hosting trade promotion events.
  • Identifying possible opportunities for U.S. products, and placing potential importers in contact with U.S. exporters.
  • Recruiting representatives of Saudi food and agricultural product importers to attend major regional and U.S. based food and agricultural shows.
  • Providing match making and trade lead services.

OAA facilitates the export of U.S. agricultural products by:

  • Reporting on market opportunities and conditions.
  • Resolving trade policy issues by working with the governments of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, and with the Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO).
  • Counseling and informing exporters and importers of U.S. agricultural products.
  • Developing and maintaining contacts in the food, logistics and agriculture sectors.
  • Coordinating workshops, technical seminars, and other events with non-profit U.S. commodity trade associations and other organizations.

OAA Riyadh Staff
Mr. Alan Hallman, Agricultural Attaché
Hussein Mousa, Ag. Marketing Specialist
Riyaz Yoosuff, Marketing Assistant
Phone:  (966-11) 488-3800, ext. 4351
Fax:      (966-11) 482-4364
E-Mail: Agriyadh@fas.usda.gov
Website: www.fas.usda.gov