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Listed below are business opportunities available through the Procurement Section of the U.S. Consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Interested Companies Must Submit Their Proposals To:

GSO/Contracting Officer
American Consulate General
Al Safaa Street, Al Muhammadiyah District

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

POC for questions and concerns:

Fawad Muneer
Procurement Supervisor

Preventive Maintenance Services for BAS (Building Automation Systems)​

S/N RFQ# Issue Date Due Date Description
1 19SA4022Q0019 August 1st 2022 August 30th 2022 MSGQ Cook Services
2 19SA4022Q0015 June 21, 2022 August 11, 2022 SUPPLY OF AUTO WORKSHOP MACHNIES
3 19SA4022Q0014-A001 August 2, 2022 August 18, 2022 Supply and Delivery of passenger vehicles
4 19SA4022Q0020 August 7, 2022 August 22, 2022 Supply and Delivery of Car Carrier Truck
5 19SA4022Q0021 August 8, 2022 August 23, 2022 MEDIA REPLACEMENT FOR WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM


The U.S. Consulate General Jeddah is selling surplus property via an ongoing web based electronic auction. Each item will be listed for a period clearly shown in the posting. Each item will have a start and end date, usually lasting about two weeks, preceded by a preview period during which the sale is in “preparing” status. Details about the dates of the auction are available on the information panel of our website: Once the auction goes “live”, you can actively take part and submit your bid for the surplus property. We hope to have items posted regularly so keep checking the online-auction website.

Items being auctioned are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”. The Consulate tries to provide complete information on goods being sold, however, there are no warranties or guarantees – implied or expressed – concerning the condition of the auctioned property.

To place a bid, bidders must first register on the online platform. Only residents of Saudi Arabia are eligible to bid in the auction. During the auction you should monitor your bids so you can react to price developments.

Successful bidders will be notified via email immediately following the conclusion of an auction. Email for winners will consist of a link to the auction application where you can review your items. Once you pay online via you can pick up your items.

If you have any questions you can contact us via email at: