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Building for the Future: United States Breaks Ground on New Embassy Compound in Riyadh
December 13, 2023

Press Release
U.S. Embassy  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
For Immediate Release
December 13, 2023


Building for the Future: United States Breaks Ground on New Embassy Compound in Riyadh 



U.S. and Saudi officials participated in a ceremony to break ground on a new U.S. Embassy compound in Riyadh, marking a milestone in the longstanding U.S.-Saudi bilateral relationship.  Deputy Assistant Secretary for Arabian Peninsula Affairs Daniel Benaim and Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister, His Excellency Mr. Waleed bin Abdulkarim Al-Khuraiji, joined U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Michael Ratney for the event.   

Ambassador Ratney, addressing the attendees, stated, “The new embassy, set to be the largest embassy compound in Saudi Arabia, is emblematic of the expanding U.S.-Saudi relationship.  Today that relationship encompasses not only energy and security but also business, technology, education, innovation, and increasingly areas like art and culture.”   He underscored that the scale and ambition of this project reflect the strong and growing U.S.-Saudi strategic partnership.    

The new embassy, situated in the Diplomatic Quarter on a 27.5-acre site, blends Saudi Arabia’s traditional architectural heritage with modern design, emphasizing the latest security and sustainability features.  The state-of-the-art facility will provide a modern, secure, and efficient workplace for embassy staff, and serve as a powerful symbol of the United States’ enduring partnership with Saudi Arabia.     

Deputy Assistant Secretary Daniel Benaim reiterated the significance of the new embassy compound as a tangible manifestation of the depth and longevity of the U.S.-Saudi relationship.  He expressed appreciation for the new embassy’s striking design, which will take inspiration from the local ecology and geology and use state of the art technology and renewable energy systems.  

The groundbreaking ceremony of the new U.S. Embassy in Riyadh is not just a construction milestone but a reaffirmation of the strong and multi-faceted partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia.